Replacing Your Vehicle’s Headlights


As a complete novice to vehicle maintenance, I spent considerable time researching online on how to replace my vehicle’s headlights. During my extensive research, I stumbled across 1AAuto’s YouTube video. This informative video is brief and to the point. The removal of old headlights and installation of new headlights is clearly demonstrated with excellent tips throughout the process. The video is so detailed and informative, as well as easy to use that I immediately purchased the headlight assemblies and installed them.

If you decide to use this video to replace your headlights then bring the model and make of your vehicle to the store so you can purchase the appropriate fixtures. Remember to double check packaging before departing the store to ensure you have a set of headlights for the model and make of your vehicle. Each headlight is sold separately so carefully check both boxes.

Remove the headlight assemblies from their packaging and set your laptop on your vehicle and follow the step-by-step YouTube instructions. After opening the hood of your vehicle, gently remove the bumper, but be careful because the bumper is made of flimsy plastic material and can break easily. Keep bolts and screws in order as you remove them from your vehicle, so they are in the same order you removed them. Attempting to put screws and bolts in the wrong order will not work because they will not fit. Once you have completely removed the old headlights, you will notice a black clip underneath the frame of the vehicle. Plug all the wires into your new headlight and gently push the new headlight assembly into the black clip. This may require someone to hold the bumper while the first person adjusts the headlight. You will hear a “snap” once the headlight is properly installed. Before snapping your headlights into the clip make sure they are functional. You cannot return electric merchandise to an auto supply store once the product is bolted to the frame of the car. Once both headlights are installed, replace the bumper remembering to use all of your screws and bolts in the order you removed them. If you need any assistance, you can trust auto repair in mesa az for any of your vehicles inquiries.