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Common scams when traveling to Eastern Europe

First off, I came accross an article on https://www.sfcitytowing.com that talked about towing scams. This made me think about all the scams that happen while traveling, hence how this article came about. Most of the European cities are relatively safe with violent crimes being uncommon. The biggest European cities are actually safer than most of their counterparts in the United States. Eastern Europe is, however, a little different from the western part. The rapid growth of tourism in the countries in that region led to a rise in the number of scammers. These often try to earn a living by tricking the many tourists that frequent the countries. In this article, we will look at the most common scams that face tourists traveling to that part of the continent.

scams brochures on table


Scams in the bar

In Eastern Europe, there are many beautiful and innocent-looking ladies who are used as bait by scammers. One of the most common scams involves being approached in the streets by several girls with a map. These girls pose like fellow travelers looking for direction. They pick a conversation which leads to one of them suggesting you go for a few drinks at a bar. Once you head there, after a couple of drinks they disappear leaving you with a fat bill to pay. To avoid such scams, never accept such an invite from any girls in the streets no matter how good they look.


Currency conversion

Eastern Europe has many money exchange spots that look so legitimate until you try them. Many of these spots are scam dens. The spots have big signposts claiming to offer real exchange rates without commissions. Once a traveler gets to the counter and gives their money, he will receive different news. The traveler learns that the exchange rate advertised is strictly applicable to over a given amount of money. Exchanging below that (which most people will) not only subjects one to high commission fees but also a very low exchange rate. When exchanging currency, therefore, avoid brand or outlets you are not conversant with. Also, inquire about the rates before giving out your money.


Boarder scam

This scam commonly happens in Eastern Europe because most boarders are not as open as it is in the European Union. Scam artists often pose as border guards to extort money from travelers. One example is the border connecting Bosnia and Croatia. Here, there is a building and a gate that looks deserted. Once tourists cross, they are asked to stop and thus accused of trespassing. They will ask for your passport which you won’t get back unless you pay an exorbitant amount. If you find yourself in this situation, never hand over your passport. Instead, report the incident to the police.


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